Friday, April 23, 2010

Project 365 — Day #108-#111

Wow, am I so behind on this (April has been busy!). I'm not giving up though! Here are a few of the latest, all shot in Long Beach, Calif.:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

telepathic butterflies.

This weekend would have been my Papa's birthday. In the glory days of VHS, he bought every movie Disney released so as a spoiled 4-year-old I could watch any cartoon I wanted, ever; he made, perhaps, the greatest peanut brittle known to man; and he died when I was only 17 — still too much of an inherently selfish teenager to realize how much time I should have been spending with him.
Christmas 1989

If he were still alive, I think I'd take him out to Applebee's every month to harmlessly flirt with his favorite waitresses, photograph him and my grandma all the time, and make sure he met every single person in my life right now who meant something to me.

In a book once, Kurt Vonnegut wrote "Like all Earthlings at the point of death, Mary Young sent faint reminders of herself to those who had known her. She released a small cloud of telepathic butterflies, and one of these brushed the cheek of Dwayne Hoover, nine miles away."

I like that.

Josh Ritter in Long Beach!

This weekend, I got to cross off another name in the Holy Trinity of musicians I need to see live before I die.

Josh Ritter at Fingerprints in Long Beach! (Project 365 — No. 105)

Josh Ritter performed Friday night at Fingerprints Record Store in Long Beach to an intimate crowd of about a hundred or so fans. His newest album, "So Runs the World Away," is out now, and it does not disappoint. A little slower and more melodic than his previous, I really connected with the heartfelt and thought-provoking lyrics, especially those of "The Curse" and "Lantern." He performed nearly every song from the new record, as well as some old favorites, and was kind enough to meet and greet every single person after the show. I swear, it is impossible for Josh Ritter not to smile on stage, and it was infectious. It was a pleasure to see him finally perform live, and a honor to actually get to speak to him in person and give him a hug after, as well.
In honor of the album release, and Record Store Day (which was Saturday, April 17), you could purchase a vinyl edition of "So Runs the World Away." After realizing my dad still owns a record player from his glory days of old, I spent Saturday afternoon lounging around the house while Josh Ritter's vinyl played in the background (after a tutorial from my father on how record players even work). Then I decided that my newest obsession is now to hunt down an old-school record player at an antique shop and start collecting vinyl.

Fingerprints holds a lot of in-store shows like the one this weekend, and it's a great place for music aficionados of all types. Learn more about Fingerprints at, and check out Josh Ritter at

Oh, and the rest of the Holy Trinity? Joe Purdy, who is awesome and has been out to L.A. at least two or three times in the last few years; and Damien Rice, who I'm completely giving up hope of ever seeing cause I don't know when the last time this guy toured is. (Damien, if you're reading this — just one quick rendition of "Delicate" live, and I'll die happy. Thanks.)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

for no reason.

Project 365 — April 7, 2010 — No. 96
Project 365 — April 8, 2010 — No. 97

Project 365 — April 9, 2010 — No. 98
Project 365 — April 10, 2010 — No. 99
Project 365 — April 11, 2010 — No. 100

Monday, April 12, 2010

a balancing act.

Dear Photography,
I promise I have not forgotten about you. I've just been wholly and utterly consumed by turning the family garage into my own personal art studio for the week in order to finish up a few paintings for an upcoming April 3o gallery show in Anaheim (more details to come!).

See — here's proof. Normally, that'd be where my mom's car is. :)
Thanks, parents — I owe you one.

I do feel regret almost daily that I'm letting Project 365 slip into the cracks these past few weeks, so to make up for it I decided to snap the first picture I could quickly find tonight before returning to painting. And it happened to be this:
I sincerely apologize. (Project 365 — April 12, 2010 — No. 101)

She either loves me or is about to devour my face like a crazy zombie kitty who obviously has forgotten to appreciate the fact that I saved her from being ground up in a trunk engine just a few months prior.

Back to the garage.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Love in Laguna — Jeff+Lynne's Engagement Shoot

Last Saturday, I spent the evening cruising around a private beach in Laguna on a golf cart, photographing a beautiful couple who are getting married this August. They kept me entertained with one hilarious story after another, I repeatedly almost fell straight into the ocean trying to get "that perfect shot," and we even got to enjoy a breathtaking Orange County sunset before calling it a night. Basically, I couldn't love what I do any more, and it's people like Jeff and Lynne who make me more appreciative of it every day!

Getting to photograph two people who are so obviously head over heels for each other made me fall in love with engagement sessions. Jeff and Lynne were so much fun, very laid back, and honestly the perfect couple to photograph.

Here are a few pictures from our time together last Saturday:
I loved her ring! :)
My favorite thing about photo shoots come from the moments where those being photographed are 100% themselves. Capturing Lynne and Jeff's ease and playfulness with each other was the best part of the evening, and I can't help but think these next few pictures are perfect examples of how fun their marriage is going to be!
Lynne and Jeff's wedding is in August, and I wish them all the best! I am already itching for another photo session, so if you or anyone you know happens to have a "she said yes!" moment anytime soon, feel free to contact me!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

engagement session sneak peek!

Last weekend, I met an awesome couple and spent a few hours shooting their portrait in Laguna Beach. Lynne and Jeff are getting married in August, and it was a privilege to take their engagement pictures — it was by far one of the most fun shoots I've been to this year! There are plenty more photos (and funny stories from the shoot) to come, so stay tuned!