Tuesday, July 29, 2014

a shell of felt and fire {a poem}

a shell of felt and fire.

i want to crumble inside a sweater that isn't mine,
fold the part of me that still believes
into somewhere between a familiar smell of detergent
and that corner of the room
morning light can't reach.

but my house 
is more windows than walls,
and last night 
you assigned color
to all i knew wrong of romance,
like reading Braille,
my fingers searched for a story along my rib cage,
and came up empty.

so it'll wait,
encased in a shell of felt and fire,
and rich in bitter retorts and
masked smiles,
misdirections meant to drown out
the ill-timed admissions
of plot twists
that came a curtain's draw
too late to screen.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

the fifth of july {a poem}

the fifth of july.

i drive home on the freeway
like a bride making her grand exit,
Fourth of July fireworks
the sparklers lining the way
to a tomorrow where everything is to have changed.
turning down the wrong street,
i'm disoriented in thoughts on those who exist
in just one cliche to another,
ghosts of an idea
muddled amid the season's fabricated fog.
and my arms are rubber bands pulled too thin
but my legs are the roots of an olive tree.
still, this is better than sadness,
the boom of the late-night revelers
a lullaby somewhere between the city and the suburbs,
each atom bomb of glitter
showering soft-spoken promises
of long hair down stone walls
and monsters who make men weak,
till sleep does come.

baby ella {family portraits}

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love babies, so starting off a recent Monday morning with this little one (the happiest baby girl I've ever had the pleasure of photographing) and her awesome parents was just about the best beginning of a workweek ever. Check out those chubby arms and legs on this little girl! Babies are just the best. :) 

lagunabeachbabyportraits1 lagunabeachbabyportraits2 lagunabeachbabyportraits3 lagunabeachbabyportraits4 lagunabeachbabyportraits5 lagunabeachbabyportraits6 lagunabeachbabyportraits7 lagunabeachbabyportraits8

Friday, June 20, 2014

kyle+diana {wedding}


What's more romantic than getting married Valentine's Day weekend, am I right? Kyle and Diana had the right idea, and these two most definitely made the most of it. Their wedding was full of love, energy and laughs, and I've never seen a guy look at his bride more lovingly than Kyle did all night. It was a pleasure getting to watch these two marry on a cool (this is Orange County, after all) winter night at The Hacienda in Santa Ana.  I'd say I wish these two the best first year as newlyweds, but seeing as they are both avid Kings fans (as their engagement session proved, too), I think it's fair to say they've enjoyed the first few months of their marriage so far. :)

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