Tuesday, June 9, 2015

the saving grace of whiskey sours. | a poem

"the saving grace of whiskey sours."
for josh.

let us lay to rest
those nights in the South,
a childhood
cloaked in
horror movies and humid air.
we can
dance from cinema
to the bar,
where whiskey sours are the sweetest,
and we are drunk
in memories
at Mom's expense,
and admissions of
our teenage vice,
to be youthful in our aging days,
at ease in a partnership
once robbed of us
by August.

i, and ok. | a poem

"i, and ok."

surrounded by the same walls
of brick and black curtains,
the worlds are aligned,
in the red glows of exit signs
and street traffic.

he is here,
and right,
in the warmth of an arm,
of tone-deaf drives,
of afternoons
we've filled with
growlers and familiarity.

i swear,
as i scribble these lines
into the backs of receipts
along the streets
of San Diego,
the world could stop

and we would still shine.

Friday, May 15, 2015

baby slater | six-month portraits

If you know me even the tiniest bit, you know that six months ago one of my best friends had her first son - turning us all into unofficial aunts, and upping the cute factor of our day-to-day existences substantially. I'm pretty sure Baby Slater will never know what my face actually looks like since when he sees me all I'm doing is shoving a DSLR lens in his face, but I wouldn't have it any other way. To celebrate the kid's half-birthday, the family and myself made our way out to a nearby Tustin park to document the occasion. Slater hammed it up the entire time (his big brother Louis, however, was clearly not as excited to be there; quite a difference from the maternity shoot where he was the center of attention). Here's just a few of my favorite shots of this beautiful family that I'm lucky enough to get to call my friends.

babyslater1 babyslater2 babyslater3 babyslater4 babyslater5 babyslater6 babyslater7

Thursday, May 14, 2015

kaitlyn+ ian {wedding}

While it's hard to believe now, it was more than 5 years ago that I first met Kaitlyn. We were both working at a magazine, and it only took one night out dancing in South County to immediately know we were one of a kind. When she left the gig to explore the world working for a cruise ship, I joked she'd eventually be coming back with a husband. Well, turns out I was right! Ian was the librarian on the ship Kaitlyn worked for, and when I met him it was clear just how compatible the two are for each other. She brings adventure and a constant smile to his face, while his wit, intelligence and attentive nature round out their partnership perfectly.

I was honored to be asked to photograph Kaitlyn and Ian's wedding toward the end of of last year at a beautiful lavender field in Beaumont, Calif. The day went flawlessly and it's been a treasure to re-live it through these photos. Kaitlyn and Ian have since moved to Canada (slightly different weather than Southern California!) and are living it up as newlyweds. Here's to their continued happiness and a lifetime full of love.

kaitlynian1 kaitlynian2 kaitlynian3 kaitlynian4 kaitlynian5 kaitlynian6 kaitlynian7 kaitlynian8 kaitlynian9 kaitlynian10 kaitlynian11 kaitlynian12 kaitlynian13 kaitlynian14 kaitlynian15 kaitlynian16 kaitlynian17 kaitlynian18 kaitlynian19 kaitlynian20 kaitlynian21 kaitlynian22 kaitlynian23 kaitlynian24 kaitlynian25 kaitlynian26 kaitlynian27 kaitlynian28

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

baby benjamin {newborns}

I was lucky enough to reconnect with the very first group I ever photographed in the beginning of my career recently when a former maid-of-honor of mine asked me to take newborns of her adorable first son, Benjamin. It's always fun to catch up with old clients and be even the tiniest part of documenting how their lives have changed, so I was very excited to spend a few hours hanging with Baby Ben. This kid is the best (and has the greatest hashtag to his name of all time: #itsallaboutthebenjaminbaby). While most newborns sleep through their shoots, he didn't want to miss one second of they party, letting us capture some great wide-eyed, alert shots of the 2-week-old in all his glory. Here are just a few of Baby Ben showing off for the camera!

benjaminnewborns1 benjaminnewborns2 benjaminnewborns3 benjaminnewborns4 benjaminnewborns5

Thursday, April 23, 2015

i was in china for 10 days.

I was on a work trip in China for 10 days, and was able to sneak away for the weekend for personal adventure. Here are some things that happened to me:

I drank a beer while walking the Great Wall of China during a snow flurry. | One tiny bite of squid was consumed. That's the most adventurous I got. | A taxi driver refused to take me to my pre-destined hotel, instead dropping me off at the Beijing Hilton where they offered me free Happy Hour every night to make up for the inconvenience. | People in Tiananmen Square took photos with me like I was famous because I'm pasty and blonde. I was basically China's white Beyonce. | I wore a kimono. | Homesickness like none other hit me harder than I've ever experienced on other travels. I practically cried when my boyfriend figured out how to call me and I could have an English conversation with someone from America. | A shameful amount of Great Wall selfies were taken. | Traffic was so bad I once got out of the cab and walked along the middle of the highway, a la 405 adventures during "Carmagedden." | Beijing's subway system was my bitch. | Touring a Chinese factory in person made me re-evaluate any and all thoughts on consumerism. | After discovering a famous bookstore, I bought a Greek mythology text in Chinese. | Can we go ahead and revisit the fact that I drank a damn beer on the mother-effing Great Wall of China WHILE IT WAS SNOWING?!? I'm never going to get over that.

Here are some photos (selfies included) I made: