Saturday, September 6, 2014

john+lydia {wedding}


This blog post is long overdue, but here it finally is - John and Lydia were married in May at the beautiful Rio Honda Golf Course in Downey. It was the most perfect summer day, with just the right amount of sun and shade, and the cutest flower girl I've ever seen (OK, those who know me know why I'm a bit biased there but I'm sticking to it). John and Lydia's wedding encapsulated them as a couple: charming, comfortable and chalk full of joy and laughter. It was a honor to shoot their special day, and I wish them both the best as newlyweds.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

amanda+robert {engagements}

With the end of the summer comes the beginning of engagements season, and I couldn't think of a better shoot to start it all off with than with Amanda and Robert. The three of us spent one of the few remaining summer nights at Aldrich Park in Irvine, and I don't think I've seen a couple who just genuinely enjoy each other in even the smallest of moments more than these two. Every photo isn't just a smile - it was a full-blown laugh that went on for much longer than a snap of the shutter, a picture of absolute comfort and ease, and the best reflection of Amanda and Robert that I could imagine. I can't wait to capture their continued cheer and love at the wedding in June.
  aldrichpark5 aldrichpark4 aldrichpark7 aldrichpark2 aldrichpark1 aldrichpark6 aldrichpark3